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BeWisER+ About Breast Cancer helps ER+ breast cancer survivors who are on anti-estrogen therapy learn more about treatment options, related side effects, likelihood of the cancer coming back, and new information and tests to help personalize your treatment plan.

Whether you’re an early stage (stage I & II) ER+ breast cancer patient or survivor, understanding the information available to you and your doctor allows you to work together to better plan your treatment pathway.

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Check out BeWisER+’s Raise Your 5! Learn how important the number 5 is in ER+ breast cancer and share your story to show your support.

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At the 5 year mark, many survivors struggle with one question: “Should I continue with anti-estrogen treatment for an additional 5 years?” Did you know there is a test for early-stage, ER+ breast cancer that can help you and your doctor make the right choice for you?

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