Our Partners

Collaboration is an essential means for success. Thanks to the help from our valuable partners, the BeWisER+ About Breast Cancer campaign is able to empower and educate breast cancer survivors, and spread awareness about the tools and knowledge available to help inform patients and their doctors about the best treatment pathway.


Breastcancer.org is a nonprofit organization empowering those affected by breast cancer by providing them with knowledge and connecting them with a caring community. Through this incomparable resource, patients find answers to their questions, the information they need to make critical medical decisions, and the peer support and companionship to help them along their journey. Breastcancer.org helps users through each phase of the disease — from diagnosis, treatment, and side effects to managing the everyday realities of breast cancer. The site also offers an extensive section on hormonal therapy, with helpful advice on the best ways to stay on track with treatment to reduce the risk of recurrence. For site visitors who wish to receive information and advice tailored to their unique situations, Breastcancer.org has a new tool available through the website. To learn more or sign up for personalized content, please visit My Profile on Breastcancer.org:


Founded by life coach, motivational speaker, and two-time breast cancer survivor, Bershan Shaw, URAWarrior (urawarrior.com) is an online personal development site that empowers women to discover their inner warrior and overcome life’s challenges. Focusing on coping skills, URAWarrior offers tools, tips and techniques to deal with life’s small and big challenges.  URAWarrior is a community of hope that provides women with encouragement and support through positive psychology and communal interaction.

Tigerlily Foundation

Tigerlily Foundation was founded by Maimah Karmo, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 32 years old.

Maimah is committed to educating young women around the world about breast cancer; and empowering them to be their own best advocates. She is dedicated to changing the young adult breast cancer landscape and seeks to impact the quality of care and lifestyle for young women affected by this disease.

She chose to name the organization Tigerlily because like a flower loses its petals in the Fall and Winter, then blossoms and grows in the Spring and Summer, a woman undergoing treatment can also find her true beauty, strength and be transformed during and after breast cancer.

The Stargazer Lily, her personal favorite, is prized for its elegance. It is known for its heady fragrance and bold, beautiful colors. Like a woman, lilies are never dormant. They bloom and survive in all seasons.