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5 reasons why the number 5 is important in ER+ breast cancer

1Approximately 4 out of 5 of all new breast cancer cases are ER+.
2At least 5 years of anti-estrogen therapy is currently recommended for ER+ breast cancer patients.
3And, an additional 5 years of anti-estrogen therapy is now also prescribed for some ER+ patients.
4Up to 5% of ER+ patients benefit from the additional 5 years of therapy.
5About 95% of ER+ patients will not actually benefit from an additional 5 years of therapy.
* See references below

Why is this important?

  • Early stage, ER+ breast cancer is no longer a 5-year disease.  At the 5-year mark, doctors now assess the decision to extend (for another 5 years) or end anti-estrogen therapy.

  • A new genomic tool is now available to help with this decision by identifying patients who are likely to benefit from extended anti-estrogen therapy.  

  • Science has progressed allowing healthcare teams to learn more about their patients’ individual cancer, and help them design more personalized treatment plans beyond 5 years.