When Every Day Matters – Make Sure You Are Advocating for Yourself

anti-estrogen treatment

Five, seven or ten? No – it’s not a trendy store for juniors… it is a real-life anti-estrogen treatment dilemma facing oncologists and their post-menopausal, ER+, early-stage, breast cancer patients. Standard of care is to take anti-estrogen treatment for at least the first 5 years after diagnosis to help prevent hormone-receptor positive breast cancer recurrences.


The world’s best-known breast cancer experts weigh in on issues related to ER+ early stage breast cancer – Part 1

In a consensus report published last week, Endocrine therapy and related issues in hormone receptor‑positive early breast cancer: a roundtable discussion by the breast cancer therapy expert group (BCTEG), the BCTEG addressed four gaps in current guidance for oncologists related to the most common form of breast cancer, estrogen receptor positive (ER+) early stage breast …


How to Keep Your Bones Healthy While on an Aromatase Inhibitor

aromatase inhibitor (AI) therapy

Picking up where we left off In our last blog, we discussed how your aromatase inhibitor (AI) therapy can affect the health of your bones. Hormones within your body help to maintain healthy bone by balancing the processes of bone loss and formation that naturally occur during one’s lifetime.


The Holidays after Breast Cancer: Five Pieces of Advice from ER+ Breast Cancer Survivors

Although there are many ways to celebrate the holidays – from intimate family get-togethers to large gatherings with friends – the holidays are mostly about being together and showing gratitude. But for breast cancer survivors, the holidays can evoke a range of complex emotions. So what’s it like to return home for the holidays, after having breast cancer? … Continue reading The Holidays after Breast Cancer: Five Pieces of Advice from ER+ Breast Cancer Survivors