How to Keep Your Bones Healthy While on an Aromatase Inhibitor

aromatase inhibitor (AI) therapy

Picking up where we left off In our last blog, we discussed how your aromatase inhibitor (AI) therapy can affect the health of your bones. Hormones within your body help to maintain healthy bone by balancing the processes of bone loss and formation that naturally occur during one’s lifetime.


9-year Breast Cancer Survivor Completes Ironman

Lisa Whitmyer, a nine-year survivor of ER+, early-stage breast cancer and a team leader in the commercial division of Biotheranostics, Inc. spends most of her waking hours educating physicians about Breast Cancer Index, a test that provides information on risk of recurrence and likelihood of benefit from extended anti-estrogen therapy for ER+, early-stage breast cancer patients. Recently, finding limited free time within a consuming professional career, Lisa has been training, and training for an IRONMAN held in Lake Placid, NY just last weekend.


Finding Support with Other Survivors

Living with a diagnosis of ER+ breast cancer is challenging and takes a significant toll on one’s body and mind. Although stories can be relatable, everyone’s overall experience with cancer is different.